NGK Group Corporate Business Principles and Code of Conduct

NGK Group Corporate Business Principles

To continuously realize the NGK Group Philosophy, the role of the NGK Group is to take the lead in the realization of a sustainable society by creating added value that will benefit society and generating employment, through autonomous and responsible behavior under fair and free competition, based on the NGK Group Basic Sustainability Policy. To this end, regardless of its location, the NGK Group will comply with the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations and international rules and will fulfill their social responsibility with a strong sense of ethical values, by acting in line with the following eight principles.

1. Realization of a Sustainable Society

We will create new value through the provision of products and services which contribute to the community in order to realize a sustainable society.

2. Respect Human Rights

We will strictly comply with international standards of human rights and respect diversity.

3. Provide a Safe and Enjoyable Work Environment

We will provide a safe and enjoyable work environment that is comfortable for everyone to work in.

4. Honest Business Activities

We will undertake fair and transparent business activities with integrity and strictly comply to international standards, the law and regulations of each country and region.

5. Disclosure of Company Information and Accountability

We will promote a healthy and transparent management by active disclosure of information and discussions with stakeholders.

6.Permeate Social Responsibility into our Supply Chain

We will promote a structure that undertakes social responsibility with respect to our trade counterparts and the overall supply chain.

7. Preservation of Global and Planetary Environment

We will work to preserve and resolve problems regarding global and planetary environment.

8. Cooperation with the Region and Community

As a good corporate citizen, we will contribute to the development of the region and community.

Top management will recognize that it is their role to realize the spirit of the principles, build effective governance systems for the conduct of business, and strive to raise awareness of the principles spirit within the NGK Group and the entire NGK Group to achieve its full compliance. Top management will also encourage behavior based on the principles within supply chain of the NGK Group. In the event of the NGK Group violates the spirit of the principles, top management will proactively take responsibility to respond to the situation, including resolving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing the problem from recurring.

NGK Group Code of Conduct

The NGK Group Code of Conduct summarizes the points in which officers and employees must comply in the execution of their duties. NGK Group member must all strive to act with honesty and responsibility by consistently reviewing their own behavior based on this Code of Conduct.

NGK Group Corporate Business Principles and Code of Conduct (full version) [265KB/PDF]