The Amazing World
of Ceramic Technology

Based on NGK Group's proprietary ceramics technologies, we've generated sustained growth by creating a succession of new products to support the industry and people's lives and help resolve the challenges society faces.
Through advanced manufacturing that reflects the needs of the times, NGK Group will continue to deliver new value to the world.

Top Message

As a global company trusted by all our stakeholders—our customers, shareholders, business partners, and employees—as well as by society, we are working surely and steadily to strengthen our existing businesses while creating new products and new businesses.


The NGK Group Philosophy encompasses our desire to use our proprietary ceramic technologies to contribute to future energy, environmental protection, and industrial progress, and to help people around the world live a happy, comfortable life.

Code of Conduct

By pursuing business in harmony with the environment, respect for human rights,safe and comfortable workplaces, and improved corporate governance, the NGK Group strives to be a corporation trusted by all of its stakeholders.

Privacy policy

The NGK Group ensure strict handling and management of personal information obtained from customers.

NGK History

NGK Group got its start as a manufacturer of magnetic insulators in 1919, seeking to meet the growing demand for electricity and to support modernization and advances in industrialization and lifestyles.