NAS battery

World's first large-capacity electric energy storage system and a major leap forward in capacity to provide a stable supply of renewable energy

Drawing on original, highly advanced ceramic technologies, we at NGK were the world's first to commercialize a NAS battery system with the capacity to handle megawatts of electricity.
This NAS battery system boasted an array of superior features, including high capacity, high energy density, and long life.
It's capable of maintaining high electric power output for extended periods, despite being one-third the size of conventional lead batteries.
NAS batteries are ideal for reducing peak electricity use, charging at night when demand is low, and providing power during peak times in the day.
Moreover, the NAS battery system can be used as an emergency power supply during power outages and momentary voltage drops.
NAS batteries can temporarily store and release energy from weather-sensitive power sources like wind and solar power generators, helping to stabilize the supply.
As such, they're drawing interest around the world as useful storage components for the continuing growth of renewable energy and the establishment of next-generation smart-grid transmission networks.

NAS battery systems used to store power generated at a wind farmNAS battery systems are in use at about 200 locations worldwide.
A cell battery (left) and a solid ceramic electrolyte (right)NAS batteries have sodium (Na) negative electrodes and sulfur (S) positive electrodes separated by a fine ceramic electrolyte.


Uncompromising quality and advanced technologies:That's why our insulators are selected to sustain power supply the world over.

By ensuring that transmission lines and steel towers and equipment are completely isolated, insulators play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and stability of our energy lifelines.
Given the magnitude of their task--even the slightest defect can have dramatic consequences--insulators must be reliable beyond doubt.
NGK Insulators, we're insulator specialists; since the company's inception in 1919, we've consistently developed our own unique technologies and created products with the durability and quality needed to perform, even in harsh environments subject to earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy snowfall.
Among the world-beating products we've developed and made are the world's strongest insulators for UHV (1 million volts) power transmission and bushings based on the world's largest hollow insulators.
We also boast the world's largest production capacity--something that comes in handy when your products are used in at least 100 countries.
Backed by uncompromising quality and advanced technologies, our products continue to make power supply both safe and secure.

Insulators for power transmissionHere at NGK Insulators, we produce an extensive line-up of multifunctional insulators resistant to dirt and lightning damage. Pursuing innovation at all times, we've succeeded in making our insulators more compact without compromising strength or isolation capacity. Our suspension insulators for UHV power transmission are a mere 41 cm in diameter but withstand a load of 84 tons.
Insulators and equipment for substationsNGK hollow insulators, support insulators, bushings, isolators and other transformer devices are used to isolate power lines from equipment and the transformer building. Our technological capabilities enabled us to make UHV gas bushings some 11.5 meters long--the world's largest porcelain products.
Equipment for power transmissionWe manufacture devices to safeguard against power outages when events affect transmission lines. In particular, our line arresters, which have built-in functional ceramic (zinc oxide elements), make dramatic contributions to blackout prevention by selectively discharging large fluxes in the current attributable to lightning strikes.
Power distribution equipmentSwitches, cut-outs, lightning resistant equipment, and voltage regulators are just some of the reliable distribution devices we supply. These products make genuine contributions to the maintenance and efficiency of power supply equipment.

Zinc rechargeable batteries

NGK applies ceramic technology to rechargeable batteries, and offers new application.

Zinc rechargeable batteries Zinc is widely used for primary battery electrodes due to its abundance as a resource and its electrochemical reactivity. However, it causes short-circuiting problems during charging when used in rechargeable batteries. NGK has solved the problem by utilizing our proprietary hydroxide ion conducting ceramics. We are now developing a zinc-based rechargeable battery with these ceramics. This battery--without flammable electrolyte--features high capacity and inherent safety, and thus offers the optimal energy storage solution for indoor installations.