Using ceramics,

We can make
a brighter future
for energy.

We can help sustain
the environment
and human society.

We can discover new
and advanced


The Amazing World
of Ceramic Technology

Based on NGK Group's proprietary ceramics technologies, we've generated sustained growth by creating a succession of new products to support the industry and people's lives and help resolve the challenges society faces.
Through advanced manufacturing that reflects the needs of the times, NGK Group will continue to deliver new value to the world.


Using advanced ceramic technology to create value and address social challenges.

NGK Group utilizes ceramics as our core technology to expand our environment business, digital society business, energy & industry business into the business domains of energy, ecology, and electronics.
We will continue to test the potential of new ceramics technologies with an eye on the changing needs of the times, and we aim to expand our business profitability while we also make contributions to society and the preservation of our environment.


The NGK Group will contribute to the realization of society's direction toward
"carbon neutrality," "a recycling-oriented society,"
and "harmony with nature" through its business activities.

The NGK Group is working to contribute to society through its business and has positioned ESG as a foundation of management. We stipulate our targets as contributing to carbon neutrality through products and services and achieving net zero CO2 emissions in our own activities by 2050.


North America,
Central America



Taking our unrivalled technology
and quality to the world.
NGK Group's reliable global network of partners.

NGK Group has production and sales bases worldwide and offers state-of-the-art technologies and top-quality products.
As a truly global company, we are committed to leveraging our network to contribute to the betterment of the whole world.