Ceramic substrates for automotive catalytic converters

NGK Insulators’ fine ceramic technology appreciated by worldwide automotive manufacturers.

HONEYCERAM is a ceramic catalyst carrier, which neutralizes the harmful substances in automotive exhaust. HONEYCERAM’s honeycomb design results in a large surface area—the area that comes into contact with exhaust—with a very compact installation. In fact, the coating of gas-purifying catalyst total surface on a palm-size HONEYCERAM would cover an area equivalent to two soccer grounds. For maximum exhaust gas cleaning efficiency, HONEYCERAM was designed with minimum weight and wall thickness: the 0.05 mm walls minimize loss of engine power. The remarkable properties of cordierite ceramics—of which HONEYCERAM is—enable it to withstand the high temperatures as well as sudden and sharp temperature changes of exhaust gas with ease.

HONEYCERAMWith a choice of square or hexagonal cell configurations (the latter being highly effective in conserving the volume of catalyst used), HONEYCERAM is used by auto manufacturers worldwide. Total production of HONEYCERAM recently exceeded 1.5 billion units.
Large-size HONEYCERAM (LSH)Designed for large diesel vehicles, this model of HONEYCERAM carries catalyst that removes the nitrogen oxide (NOx) contained in diesel exhaust gas.

Diesel particulate filters
Gasoline particulate filters

Developing purification technologies designed to meet stricter exhaust gas regulations and help preserve the environment.

As the world hurries to regulate diesel exhaust gases, NGK group has been busy developing a range of state-of-the-art products designed to satisfy stringent new standards. Diesel particulate filters (DPF) incorporating our porous ceramic filter technologies are effective in catching particulate matter (PM) in their fine pores. As the only manufacturer to mass-produce two kinds of diesel particulate filters, cordierite and silicon carbide, we use our ceramic technologies to support even cleaner diesel vehicle emissions. We also offer gasoline particulate filters that remove particulate matter emitted from direct-injection gasoline engines, as we continue to respond to rapidly-evolving environmental requirements worldwide.

Diesel particulate filtersThese remove up to 99 % of particulate matter.
Featuring superior heat resistance, silicon carbide filters are used in passenger cars, while lightweight cordierite filters are used mainly in heavy duty vehicles.
Gasoline particulate filtersThese are particulate filters for gasoline-powered vehicles, used in direct-injection gasoline engines that provide horsepower along with fuel economy performance on par with that of hybrid vehicles.

NOx sensors

The world's first sensor capable of measuring real-time NOx concentrations in vehicle exhaust.

Our in-vehicle high-precision NOx sensor is the world's first vehicle-mounted sensor capable of measuring the concentration of NOx (nitrogen oxide) contained in automotive exhaust gas at the ppm (parts per million) level. Measuring real-time NOx concentrations and feeding back that information to the engine controls enables precise control of the exhaust gas purification system to reduce NOx emissions. The zirconia-based ceramic element, which passes oxygen ions when a voltage is applied under high temperatures, can be inserted directly into high-temperature exhaust gases and exhibits both superior responsiveness and stable long-term performance. In response to more stringent regulations on marine vessel exhaust gases, the sensor is increasingly being utilized for monitoring and reducing NOx concentration in vessel exhaust gas purification systems as well.

In-vehicle high-precision NOx sensorsThese sensors contain elements that utilize zirconia's oxygen pump function. These are now incorporated in clean diesel vehicles around the world because of their superior detection capabilities and greater durability.

Industrial process products

Groundbreaking ceramic technologies for industries hungry for innovation.

Low-level radioactive waste treatment systemsAt NGK group, we design, build and assess low-level radioactive waste treatment plants. Our treatment syatems are used at nuclear facilities throughout Japan, and are rated highly for their outstanding dust removal performance and steadfast safety. What is more, they make a real contribution to waste reduction.
Wavelength-control drying systemsHaving developed various heating systems, including devices using hot air and far infrared rays, in 2012, NGK Insulators announced a new light-based drying system. By selectively irradiating light at specific wavelengths, the unit can dry at low temperatures (approximately 40 °C) while limiting thermal damage to products, helping to enhance product quality and to improve productivity.