Initiatives for Sustainability


  • 1984 Automotive oxygen sensor plant wins Ford's Q1 Prize
  • 1996 Established Core Policy on the Environment and set up the CO2 task force
  • 1998 Established NGK Foundation for International Students (NGK International House opened in 1999)
  • 1998 Nagoya, Chita, and Komaki earn ISO 14001 certification
  • 1999 Established the Guidelines for Corporate Behavior (revised as the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior in 2003; established new Guidelines for Corporate Behavior, integrated with CSR initiatives, in 2011)
  • 1999 Issued Environmental Report


  • 2000 Became a founding member of the Environmental Partnership Organizing Club (EPOC)
  • 2001 Established the first Five-Year Environmental Action Plan
  • 2005 Joined Team Minus 6%
  • 2005 Established the CSR Committee
  • 2007 Adopted OSHMS
  • 2008 Introduced the world's first high-precision NOx sensor products
  • 2009 Commenced operations of NAS batteries for megasolar facility use
  • 2009 NAS battery business wins Environmental Business Award
  • 2009 Honeyceram registered as an Essential Historical Material for Science and Technology (technological heritage for the future) of the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
  • 2010 Received the prestigious PACE Award jointly with Continental (of Germany) for development of NOx sensors


  • 2011 Recognized by the city of Nagoya as a company that supports families in raising children
  • 2012 Recognized by the city of Nagoya as a company that supports the promotion of women in the workplace
  • 2015 Signed on to the UN Global Compact
  • 2015 NAS batteries win Gold Prize in the 2015 Aichi Prefecture Environmental Awards
  • 2017 Won the Minister's Prize in the Family Friendly Company category of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Minister's Prizes for Equal Employment/Work and Family Harmonization
  • 2017 The Power Business joins the Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership (Japan-CLP)
  • 2018 The Nagoya Office's administration/welfare building chosen as a Leading Project in Sustainable Construction (for Leadership in CO2 Reduction)
  • 2019 Health Declaration of the NGK Group
  • 2019 Selected as a "White 500" under the Health and Productivity management Organization Recognition Program
  • 2019 Established the ESG Committee


  • 2020 Endorsement of TCFD
  • 2021 Formulated the NGK Group Vision
  • 2021 Formulated the NGK Group Human Rights Policy
  • 2021 Formulated the NGK Group Environmental Policy
  • 2021 Established the ESG Management Department
  • 2021 Established Ena Electric Power, a regional electric power company, jointly with NGK, Ena City, and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz
  • 2022 Established the ESG Management Committee
  • 2022 Information Disclosure Based on TCFD Recommendations
  • 2022 Established Abashiri Electric Power, a regional electric power company, jointly with NGK and Abashiri City
  • 2022 Selected as representative index of ESG investing, FTSE4Good Index Series and FTSE Blossom Japan Index
  • 2022 NGK Joins the RE100 Global Initiative
  • 2023 Formulated the NGK Group Basic Sustainability Policy
  • 2023 Formulated the NGK Group Human Capital Management Policy
  • 2023 Revised the NGK Group Corporate Business Principles and established the NGK Group Code of Conduct
  • 2023 Identification of Materiality
  • 2023 Abashiri Electric Power win the "Hokkaido Energy Conservation/New Energy Promotion Grand Prize".
  • 2024 Registers as a TNFD Early Adopter
  • 2024 Selected as “Next Nadeshiko: Companies Supporting Dual-career and Co-parenting”