Ceramics for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

High-performance ceramics are revolutionizing semiconductor production

Fine ceramics boast outstanding heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability.
We at NGK group leverage these features to make a range of ceramic products for semiconductor manufacturing processes that are exposed to high-temperature corrosive gases and plasma. Our fine ceramics contain virtually no impurities which may adversely affect the semiconductors’ performance using our original hot press sintering method. The high-purity, ultra-fine crystals have outstanding dielectric strength and serve to improve semiconductor productivity. In addition to ceramic heaters and electrostatic chucks, we also manufacture chamber components made of aluminum nitride, aluminum oxide, and other materials for a range of applications.

Electrostatic chucksThese are used in etching and other processes for the adsorptive immobilization of silicon wafers. At NGK group, we are able to adapt electrostatic chucks to suit their intended use and exponentially improve the semiconductor production process. For instance, we can integrate them with high-precision heaters and attach cooling plates.
Ceramic heatersThese are used to keep the temperature of silicon wafers constant during the membrane formation process. Our unique heater structure features a shaft attached to the underside of the heated stage on which wafers are placed. This way, we can protect terminals and conducting wires from halogen gas.

Electronic Components

Faster, smaller, more beautiful. Supporting evolution in electronics.

Today, we are witnessing the emergence of AI, the IoT and a succession of other new technologies. NGK group is supporting the evolution of electronics with advanced ceramic technologies. Our bonded wafers enable smartphones and other devices to achieve higher quality in communications and higher speeds compatible with next-generation LTE (high-speed data communications standard) and fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications systems. Developed by utilizing NGK group's proprietary ceramic technologies and featuring high heat resistance, the "EnerCera " series is an entirely new kind of battery that can be treated as an electronic component. These batteries are expected to power IoT devices, smart cards, and other next-generation devices. NGK group continues to contribute to the advancement of electronics with our innovative electronic materials and components.

Bonded wafersDrawing on its proprietary ceramic bonding technology and ultra-high-precision thin polishing technology, NGK group manufactures bonded wafers specifically developed for use in electronic devices. Bonded wafers with layers of different materials can yield performance and functions that are not possible with single-material wafers.
Piezoelectric micro actuators for hard disk drives (HDDs)Expanding and contracting when a voltage is applied, piezoelectric ceramics feature characteristics such as fast response, high accuracy, compactness, and high power.
Indispensable for precise control of HDDs' magnetic heads, these ultra-compact actuators are widely used in data centers around the world as key devices in achieving both higher capacity and higher reliability of hard disk drives.
Rechargeable Li-ion batteries EnerCeraUsing NGK group's proprietary crystal-oriented ceramic plates as electrodes, these small and thin Li-ion batteries feature high energy density. It can produce large enough current to support wireless communication, and can be mounted on devices through high-temperature processes due to its high heat resistance. It is expected to boost the widespread adoption of IoT devices and other next-generation appliances.
Translucent alumina ceramics HICERAMHICERAM's superior translucence and high strength are achieved by sintering high-purity alumina ceramics at high density. These are used in diverse products, mainly for the substrates in semiconductor chip packaging process where outstanding reliability is required.
Micro-lenses for ultraviolet LEDsThese micro-lenses adjust the irradiation area of ultraviolet LEDs - which are used in sterilization, hardening of resins, etc. - to enhance their effectiveness. Micro-lenses for ultraviolet LEDs may be used as a light source to replace mercury lamps at water treatment plants and also in equipment such as air purifiers.
AMB and DCB Substrates for Power ModulesThese circuit boards combine the superior heat dissipation and electrical conductivity of copper with the excellent insulation performance of ceramics. They can carry large electrical currents and have high dielectric strength, and can be optimally designed for industrial and automotive applications.

Beryllium copper

Superior strength, fatigue resistance and spring performance help make electronic devices smaller, lighter, and more reliable.

By adding a small percentage of beryllium to copper, the resulting alloy adds the strength and durability of special steel to copper’s characteristic heat and electrical conductivity. Strip and fine wires made from beryllium copper alloy are resistant to fatigue and have a long service life, making this the ideal material for reliable conductive springs and contact points in a broad range of applications, including mobile phones, household appliances, cars and industrial machinery. Here, the alloy makes a big contribution to improving reliability while reducing product size and weight. Here at NGK group, we have beryllium copper alloy production, processing and sales bases in the USA, Europe and Asia, where advanced production technologies and uncompromising quality control create products that have become sought after by the world’s industries.

Beryllium copper alloyFrom 0.045 mm sheets and coils to bars and wire of a mere 0.05 mm in diameter, we can provide the right alloy mix to suit your needs. Beryllium copper alloys boast outstanding strength, conductivity, fatigue resistance and high temperature characteristics, workability and resistance to corrosion.
Copper-nickel-tin alloyIn 2016, NGK group launched mass production of copper-nickel-tin products. Our copper-nickeltin alloy, strengthend by spinodal decomposiition, is high performance copper alloy which has excellent characteristics such as high strength, heat resistance and wear resistance comparable to beryllium copper alloy.