High-performance ceramics

High-performance ceramics are revolutionizing semiconductor production

Fine ceramics boast outstanding heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability.
At NGK Insulators, we draw on these qualities to make a range of ceramic products for use on semiconductor lines, where their performance stability is ideal for environments in which they're exposed to corrosive gases and plasma.
Molded and fired using our original hot pressing method, our fine ceramics contain virtually no impurities that can adversely affect semiconductors.
The high-purity ultrafine crystals offer outstanding insulated resistance properties and improve semiconductor productivity.
In addition to electrostatic chucks and ceramic heaters, we make aluminum nitride, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and silicon nitride chamber components for a broad range of applications.

Electrostatic chucksElectrostatic chucks are used in etching and other processes for the adsorptive immobilization of silicon wafers. At NGK Insulators, we've adapted electrostatic chucks for their intended use, exponentially advancing the semiconductor production process. For instance, we integrate these processes with high-precision heaters and attach cooling plates.
Ceramic heatersCeramic heaters are used to maintain constant silicon wafer temperatures during the membrane formation process. Our unique heater structure incorporates a shaft attached to the underside of the heated stage on which the wafers are placed. In this way, we can protect terminals and conducting wires from halogen gas.

Electronic Components

Our unique, high-precision ceramic technologies push electronics further into the future.

Bonded wafersBonded wafers are substrates for electronic devices developed by proprietary bonding technologies and ultra-high-precision wafer polishing technologies cultivated in the ceramics business. Combining different materials makes it possible for bonded wafers to deliver performance and functionality beyond wafers made from a single material.
HICERAM translucent alumina ceramicsHICERAM's characteristic translucence is achieved by sintering high-purity alumina ceramics to high density. HICERAM arc tubes are used as element substrates for Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices and as high-intensity discharge lamps in large spaces, including outdoor facilities, commercial complexes, and factories.
Ceramic package/functional circuit boardsNGK ELECTRONICS DEVICES, INC., manufactures and sells a broad range of electronic components, including ceramic world-leading packages (pictured at top left) for high-frequency devices, crystal packages (bottom left), optical communication packages, and insulated circuit boards for power semiconductors (right).
Electronic components for communication devicesFocusing on ceramic multilayer and high-frequency circuit design technologies, SOSHIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD., an NGK affiliate, manufactures and sells products, including multilayered dielectric filters and couplers, used at increasingly diversified base stations for mobile communication.
Gallium nitride (GaN) wafersNGK Insulator's original crystal growth technology has produced wafers with a low defect density across the entire wafer surface. Enabling unprecedented ultra-high brightness in lasers and LEDs, these wafers can be used as light sources in applications such as projectors and stadium lighting.
Micro-lenses for ultraviolet LEDsUltraviolet LEDs are used in sterilizing and hardening resins. NGK Insulators has developed an extremely small lens with a reduced irradiation range that improves the LEDs' sterilizing effect. These lenses utilize quartz glass with superior transparency and durability, allowing them to produce complex shapes that were formerly difficult to achieve.
Chip-type ceramic rechargeable batteriesIoT technology is designed to connect all manner of things via the Internet. We have developed an ultra-thin (0.4 mm) chip-type ceramic rechargeable battery that can be used as a built-in battery in products that are key to widespread use of the technology, such as ultra-compact wireless sensor modules and highly secure next-generation credit cards with fingerprint authentication functions. With NGK's unique crystalline orientation technology, we have also achieved higher energy density, resistance to heat and bending, and direct solderability. These batteries are contributing to the spread of next-generation devices that will enable ever more advanced lifestyles.

Beryllium copper

Superior strength, fatigue resistance, and spring performance help make electronic devices smaller, lighter, and more reliable.

The alloy resulting from adding a small amount of beryllium to copper adds the strength and durability of special steel to copper's characteristic heat and electrical conductivity.
Strip and fine wires made from beryllium copper alloy are resistant to fatigue and exhibit long service life, making this the ideal material for reliable conductive springs and contact points across a broad range of applications, including mobile phones, household appliances, cars, and industrial machinery.Here, the alloy makes significant contributions to reliability while reducing product size and weight.
Here at NGK Insulators, we oversee beryllium copper alloy production, processing, and sales bases in the US, Europe, and Asia, where advanced production technologies and uncompromising quality control generate products sought after by world industries.

Beryllium copper alloyFrom 0.045 mm sheets and coils to bars and wire a mere 0.05 mm in diameter, we can provide the right alloy mix with a variety of hardness to meet your needs. Beryllium copper alloys boast outstanding strength, conductivity, fatigue resistance, high-temperature characteristics, workability, and resistance to corrosion.
Copper-nickel-tin alloyIn 2016, NGK launched the mass production of copper-nickel-tin products. Our copper-nickel-tin alloy, strengthened by spinodal decomposition, is a high-performance copper alloy offering excellent characteristics, including high strength, heat resistance, and wear resistance comparable to beryllium copper alloy. We can provide the right alloy mix with a variety of hardness to meet your needs.