Privacy Policy NGK EUROPE GMBH

Last updated on May 2018

NGK EUROPE makes every effort to protect, manage, and handle your personal information collected through our website based on the following concepts.

In principle, we make clear how we will use your personal information beforehand and receive the information only when you decide to provide it to us in agreement with such usage. We notify of and announce the purpose of use of such information, and handle the information in accordance with its intended purpose.

We strive to establish company regulations and a management system so as to prevent theft, leakage, or loss of your personal information, and also provide education and training to make sure that our employees handle such information with considerable and proper care.

We will not share the personal information you provide on this website with any other parties except:

  • required by law;
  • with your consent;
  • with our outsourcing companies or agencies with whom we have confidentiality
    agreements in order to fulfill the intended use of such information;
  • in a non-personally identifiable form (e.g. statistical processing);

In case we share your personal information with the third party, we will do so properly in compliance with the personal information protection laws.

While abiding by the laws concerning protection of personal information and other relevant regulations, we constantly review and revise the contents of this policy. When receiving your request to check, amend, or delete the provided information, we will follow your request through our internal procedures.