Message from the President

Not Resting on Our Laurels, We Welcome the New Challenges of the Next 100 Years as a Truly Global Company

NGK INSULATORS commemorated the 100th anniversary of its founding on May 5, 2019. The growth our company has experienced until now and the fact that we were able to celebrate our 100th anniversary are the result of the support we’ve received from our customers, shareholders, the residents of the locations where our global business centers are situated, and everyone else involved with our company, as well as the willingness of our veterans to tackle numerous difficult challenges and the efforts by all NGK group members to achieve their objectives.

Ever since its founding, NGK has consistently pushed to develop its ceramics technology, to diversify through new product development, and to globalize its business. We firmly believe that the numerous core technologies centered on the ceramics technology we have developed, our proprietary production technologies, and our passion for manufacturing will lead us to take on new challenges for the next 100 years.

Taking to heart the mission expressed by our NGK Group Philosophy, “Enriching Human Life by Adding New Value to Society,” we will continue contributing to the world as a truly global company not content to rest on our laurels, growing into a more enticing company where all employees can work with a sense of job satisfaction and motivation.

I would like to express my gratitude toward everyone who has supported our company, and I humbly ask for your continued support in the future.

Taku Oshima
January 2019