NGK Group Philosophy

In conjunction with 100th anniversary of our founding, in order to share and instill the spirit of our founding throughout the entire NGK group in Japan and worldwide, we have revised our philosophical system and established NGK Group Philosophy.

NGK Group Philosophy

Circumstances Leading to NGK Group Philosophy

As our business has diversified and become more global, the structure of the NGK group has undergone great changes. In order to ensure all individuals respect each other’s diverse value systems and to maximize their performance through group unity, it is necessary once again that all NGK group members should share Our Mission and Our Values.
To determine its contents, we have held multiple, thorough discussions at the management level and involved the cooperation of various employees, including overseas employees, in order to sum up its wording.

Our Mission

To describe the newly established NGK Group Philosophy, we took another look at the concept behind our corporate philosophy (established in 1986), which was titled “Our Philosophy,” and revised the wording.
The corporate spirit we have been sharing as our corporate philosophy since then, namely that “NGK products and technologies must create new value and contribute to the quality of life,” has not changed, nor have the ideals its words embody.

The Threefold Quality We Pursue

In order to ensure the sustainable growth of the NGK group in the future and to carry out our mission, we have expressed the quality that all executive officers and employees need to continue to hone.
When it comes to our personnel, products, and management, we put importance on the following values.

  • Our personnel shall value teamwork and continue taking on challenges with broad perspectives.
  • Our products shall be created through sincere commitment to performance, technology, delivery times, and cost.
  • Our management aims to contribute to people's happiness and gain a sense of trust from society.