Special high-voltage insulators (1907)
Created with the goal of producing special high-voltage insulators domestically in order to contribute to modernizing our society.
Acid proof pumps (1931)
Sales of acid proof porcelain products begin in conjunction with developments in the chemical industry.
Beryllium-copper strip products (1975)
NGK engages in technical development and research in order to harness the favorable properties of beryllium-copper alloys and moves into the field of beryllium-copper strip products.
Production of HONEYCERAM, a honeycomb catalyst substrate for controlling automotive emissions, begins. The first mass-produced unit is registered as a future engineering heritage in 2009.
NAS batteries (1992)
NGK begins tests to charge and discharge high-capacity storage batteries connected to an actual transmission system, for the first time in the world.
Ceramics for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (1996)
Mass production of ceramic components with excellent corrosion and heat resistance for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment begins.
NOx sensors (2008)
In-vehicle high-precision NOx sensors are jointly developed with Continental AG in Germany and commercialized for the first time in the world.
Bonded wafers (2014)
Bonded wafers that can be used to efficiently manufacture high-performance communication equipment components are commercialized and make a full-scale entry into the wafer market.

01 Introduction

A Piece of Insulator Brought Over from the United States

A small piece of insulator
motivated a major decision.

02 NGK Group Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Values

03 History

History of Diversification and Globalization

We’ve followed a trajectory of challenges and
innovations since our founding in 1919.

04 NGK Stories

Nine Stories We Have to Tell

05 Special Movies

NGK INSULATORS Seen Through Movies

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